Causes, Ways to Escape from Foot Odor

Having a smelly foot does not directly have adverse effects on your health, but it is incredibly annoying when you communicate with people around. You will lose your confidence because of having smelly feet. The following article will help you understand the causes and optimal solutions in eliminating foot odor. The best insoles for work boots

Causes, Ways to Escape from Foot Odor

  1. Objective causes of foot odor

Here are some actual reasons causing unpleasant foot odor, smelly causing by these objects is often harder to treat due to subjectivism of people.

 – Active sweat glands: the most objective reason is that the sweat glands operate actively which make foot always in wet conditions. This is a favorable environment for bacteria, and fungi to develop and cause unpleasant odors.

 – Skin types: people with oily skin usually sweat in which contains many kinds of fat which are the food of bacteria. Therefore, those people are susceptible to be attacked by bacterial, fungal and cause the unpleasant odor. The subjective reasons leading to foot odor

– Neurological factors: In individuals who frequently suffer from nervous tension or stress; the sweat gland will act stronger and bring about the odor.

– Diseases: some people suffer from heart disease, diabetes is prone to infection at their foot because poor blood circulation capability causes foot odor. Also, some people with psoriasis may also be at risk of being the odor.

  1. Subjective reasons cause foot odor

Some bad habits can form unpleasant foot odor that everyone should know, such as:

– Poor hygiene: poor foot health is one of the factors likely to cause foot odor. Irregularly cleaning the foot is synonymous with dying cells will cling deeply to your skin, clog your pores and bring out the smelly foot.

 – Wear shoes regularly: In people often have to wear shoes, the foot is not ventilated, and sweating will be retained in a boot and become a house supporting a growth of odor bacteria. The more this situation last, the more dangerous the odor is.

-Sharing shoes with the patient: In people who suffer from foot odor, their shoes usually are the source of infection where bacteria grow and reproduce vigorously, so using shoes with them also means that the risk of getting infected with foot odor will be higher.

  1. How to get rid of smelly feet

– Wearing deodorization insoles for shoes: in recent years, insoles are designed not only for helping the foot supporting the human body but also to deodorize unexpected smell on your feet. You absolutely can choose and buy this kind of insoles in every market. They are very cheap and useful in desiccating the sweat and smell of your foot.

– Choose aeration shoes

– Choose cotton socks to help absorb sweat better.

– Deodorization for shoes:

+ Use gasoline or alcohol to spray into the shoe, until the shoe no longer absorbs. Dry it, and then it will not make the feet smelly more.

+ Spray alcohol twice into the shoes which have been the smell, the smell will immediately disappear.

+ Get a little alum or powdered lime wrapped in cloth, before going to bed, tuck it into your boots. The next morning the smelly odor would fly away naturally.

+ Sprinkle crushed mothballs into shoes, shoes will not be smelly.

+ In the evening, take some shredded paper and put it into your shoes to remove the smell.

– Some other notes:

+ People suffering from smelly foot disease should be examined to determine the fungus and then taking medication as directed by your doctor.

+ If you have stinky foot drugs, anti-fungal drugs, sprinkle or spray them on the feet, the interstitial of the toes, stocks, and shoes.

+ If toes are the fungal disease, it must be thoroughly examined and treated. Shoes should be thoroughly cleaned after washing or boiled before washing.

+ Handling and hygiene spray the shoes every day.

In conclusion, these are immersing factors causing foot odor and ways to help deodorize your shoe discomfort smell. The foot is a crucial part of our body, so take care of it and you will have sound balance steps on the way to a prosperous future. Good luck!

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