Dyson DC25 Ball All Floors – Description, Features and Specifications

Before listing the specifications of the Dyson DC25 ball all floors, let us ponder over a vexing issue regarding vacuuming. When you are vacuuming, you might have noted how tough it is to lug the cleaner about the entire premises. The only way to escape from this chore is to invest on the best car vacuum cleaner. However, these portable cleaners are not efficient. Hence, we are back to where we had started. The Dyson DC25 ball all floors is an answer to this problem. It is easy to handle and utilize the product, because of the pivotal ball mechanism.

Dyson DC25


Yes, you read that right. The Dyson DC25 ball all floors is affixed on a pivotal ball. This enables easy maneuverability and anyone will be able to handle the product with relative ease. The cyclone root technology is another feature that has been newly integrated into the Dyson DC41 review ball all floors. All the vacuum cleaners are known to pose an issue. They tend to act powerless with the buildup of dust and dirt within themselves. If the accumulation of the dirt and dust is eliminated, then the cleaner will never raise this issue. The Cyclone Root Technology prevents the buildup of dust and dirt within the cleaner.

The reach of the Dyson DC25 ball all floors is also exceptional. The vacuum cleaner features a telescopic wand that can be extended up to 16 feet. This enables you to clean every corner of your room without much physical exertion. A HEPA filter has been provided with the unit. This filter is perfectly washable, and hence you can use them for the entire life of the product. The unit also comes with a Motorized Brush Bar – this is the reason why the product is capable of removing the deepest of the dirt from the carpets.


The height, width and depth of the unit are 42.4, 15.4 and 12.2 inches respectively. The Dyson DC25 ball all floors weigh approximately 16.12 pounds. The suction power in air watts is 220. This value is known to remain constant according to the manufacturer, unlike the values found in some of the competing products. The capacity of the dirt collector bin is 0.31 gallons. The length of the electrical cord that is presented on the Dyson DC25 ball all floors is approximately 24.6 feet. This enables the product to be used on industries also, as it will be easier to sift between the sections.

The maximum reach of the Dyson DC25 ball all floors is 40.3 feet. This is a large value in comparison to the other similar competing products. The price of the product as offered by us is. The Dyson DC25 ball all floors come with an 11-ampere motor that is powerful enough to unclog some of the toughest dirt. The product is fairly known in the circles for its ease of operation, particularly with the wrist. The manufacturer gives five-year warranty on the product – this ensures that you opt for five years of peace of mind.